Tunnel resizing?

Can someone tell me the best way to make a neoprene sprayskirt tunnel 2 or 3" smaller. I’m thinking cut a split and resew and aquaseal but would like to have specifics from someone whose done it and how well does it do.

That much of an alteration…
…is enthusiastic. You’d be way better off biting the bullet and buying a new skirt. You have the hole in the deck that the altered runnel would have to fit into.

That or just start Super sizing all your meals.

opposite problem
What kind of skirt do you have? I have a neoprene Snap Dragon skirt with a size small tunnel that I would like to have bigger. If the skirts are for comparable cockpits, perhaps we could trade.

The tunnel on one of my…
…skirts has somehow miraculously gotten smaller over the years.

Same problem…

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...wonder if it's due to U.V. as my wetsuit did the same thing.

rroberts has it right
2-3" of diameter is a lot of material when you convert it to circumference.

Maybe a few more beers, steaks and hot fudge sundaes.

S’what I’m thinking…
…I’ve given the manufacturer hell over it, but he refuses to replace it. claims it’s my fat ass.

good thing for him we’re friends.

cut overlap glue
Simply do the an overlapping type cut. Then use the most appropriate seam sealant glue, overlapping the the material. If the overlap is generous as you say it is, it should be bomber strong. You can also use seam tape as well.

The small extra bulk can be at the back of the tunnel so as not to interfere with your PFD. I have done this several times for friends and it has been fine.

I second Tideplay-very simple
You’re not cutting into the skirt itself, just the tunnel. It’s actually very simple, just overlap the two sides like Tideplay suggested. You’ll probably have more overlap at the top, just don’t overdo it and make the tunnel too small. Be sure & cut the back, not the front.

To size it before you glue it, test the fit in real conditions. Put it on over your bulkiest gear, and then get wet. have somebody around to mark it for you, since you won’t be able to reach it.

For seam sealing I use Aquaseal with a bit of Cotol to make it cure faster. With that wide a seam you really don’t have to sew it, as long as you spread the glue over the entire area on both surfaces and weight it down really good. I use kitty litter in a wastebasket liner so the pressure is even. Hint: do this before you put it in the litterbox.

overlap w/o cutting
Or you could glue together 2-3 inches of material overlap in the back without cutting anything. That way it wouldn’t leak if you missed a spot when gluing.

If not too thick yes yes

Probably too thick
depends on the thickness of the neoprene. Don’t forget you also have to deal with the folds. They aren’t going to lie flat like cloth.