Turn a canoe into rowboat?

I did it again! Bought another boat yesterday. An Old Town Camper I think 1986. It came with a huge white molded seat with side rests and a board I think for your feet to push against. It has the oar locks and oars. I tried searching for any info and am lost. I didn’t get to ask the seller about it because I was in a rush. Any help would be appreciated. PS, my wife told me “no more!”

I don’t think Campers came with a rowing
rig but does your seat look like this?


Old Town also sold a rowing rig at one time. Not much profit


I just read that post on WCHA and somewhere else. Think it’s a 1950’s rowing rig that the owner must have picked up. It’s huge, app 4 ft wide and sits low with the side arms hanging over a few inches over the gunwals. It has oar locks with short chains hanging from them. Gee I hope it wasn’t some S@M machine! I could see my wife handcuffing me to it and throwing the anchor over! I can’t find any pics.

Got it!
Old Town product. Shown in their 1974 catalog, listing for app $94 I think. Continued to sell until mid 1990’s. I got the info from WCHA member. Love cyberspace!

I salute your genius
No doubt your wife told you not to buy another CANOE.

So you didn’t!

Yep you sure can
I am considering buying one of these for my Old Town Rouge River.