Turner river ---

Big Cypress Preserve/ Everglades N.P.

For anyone planning to paddle it, it is just the opposite of last winter with very high water.

The high water combined with a high tide, makes for getting as low as you can in your kayak/canoe every fifteen feet in the mangrove tunnels to keep from getting decapitated or worse yet strangled by the strangler fig branches.

It is still fun though, and they must have had a very wet summer because the pond lilies are absolutely beautify and their dinner plate sized pads are lush and green as well as the eight foot high grass cane that envelops you are.

The gators are as plentiful as ever ,and the larger ones won’t move and will give you the evil eye as you pass within five or six feet of them

jack L

So, you’re advising us to hit on the
mangroves for a mandate?

I wonder how long the high water
will hold. I would like to paddle the Turner in early Feb.

Just check with the big Cypress
Preserve rangers prior to your trip.

If for some reason it is low and you never have paddled it before, make sure you check the tides, if you are doing an out and back trip.

We have had several times during the many years we paddled it had to slog back pulling our canoe through those mangrove tunnels.

jack L