Turtle-Flambeau area, again

Can somebody advise the GPS waypoints of Murray’s Landing, on the east end of the T-F Flowage?

Thanks, Jim

I can get you close
46°05.000 by 90°05.000 This is the coordinates from a Turtle Flambeau fishing map for the quadrant closes to Murray’s Landing (within 1/8 mile)

The water n the Flowage is about 3-4 feet below normal right now. I just came back yesterday from a 6 day trip there.

Low Water
I can atest to the low water. You might see some of my gelcoat on a few rocks that were submerged about 2 inches below the surface. Hard to see when there is a little chop on the water.

T-F Flowage
I have just submitted a trip report for our mid-July paddle the Manitowish River, from Hwy. 51 down to Murray’s Landing. I would expect it to be published soon. Comments are welcome!

cYa, Jim