Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, WI

Does anybody have any info to share about the island campsites in the Murray’s Landing area of the T-F Flowage? It is my understanding that is designated as a “Quiet Zone” - slow no wake for motorboats, a haven for paddlers…

Thanks in advance for any pointers. We will be heading there next weekend.

Jim & Friends

Some Info.
Hello, I was there last year and left from Murrays landing. The whole place is awesome. The campsites are very private and free to use. max. 6 or 7 people I think. You can get firewood from the outfitter a few miles south of the landing. The quite zone is in the Murrays landing area .

The rest of the place has motor boat traffic. They have 60 sites with pit toilets and are really nice, but can be hard to find a map is a must ( at outfitter ) The outfitter is called Hawks Nest and they have maps and info and a web site. I think its like www.hawksnest.com I will try to find info and post to you on Friday the earliest I will be home. The sites have a small post with a number on them. the landing has parking and bathrooms and a bulliten board with info. you can also call the Wisconsin DNR for info. and water level. They ban campfires if its been very dry. I hope this little bit helps. Bill

Camping at TF
Yes the area around Murray’s Landing is a quiet zone but you may still see motorboats. They are asked to voluntarily travel at no wake speeds. Maps are available at Murray’s Landing in a map box. Hawks Nest is a great outfitters if you need help. Also detailed fishing maps are for sale at bait shops in Mercer. The closest campsite to Murray’s Landing is about 1/2 mile but there are nicer ones farther into the flowage. As stated all are first come and first served and free. This is a very nice paddling spot and good smallmouth bass fishing (good walleye in the spring also). Check the Places 2 Paddle under Wisconsin Manitowish River (http://www.paddling.net/places/showReport.html?1500) The Manitowish River flows into the Flambeau and into the Flowage. Nice paddle and there are free campsites along the river also. Enjoy this great paddling area.

T-F Flowage
Thanks for the info. We enjoyed a great week camping with canoes and a kayak in the Quiet Zone of the Flowage.

We paddled the Manitowish River into Murray’s Landing last summer, and I posted a trip report on that. I plan to write one up for the Flowage and submit it soon.

cYa, Jim & Friends

Sorry it took me a while to find this stuff, Mercer Ranger Station… 715-476-7847 or 715-476-8840. Hawks nest # 1-800-888-7471 or web site…www.hawksnestcanoe.com. hope this helps. Bill