Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

My wife, two godsons, and I are planning a midweek camper in mid-June. We’re looking at the eastern part of the flowage. Does anyone have a feel for campsite availability? I’ve read that it is first-come, first-served, but thought some of you might have some insight on midweek use.



Two Years Ago…
…we paddled a few day trips and saw very few people or occupied campsites in August. In contrast, the campsites at Trout Lake was probably close to capacity. Nice place, hope to go back and spend more time there. Hopefully Durangoski will “Chime in” as he has paddled extensively in this area. WW

Mid-week is easier to find a campsite than on the weekends. People in motorboats seem to take the best sites first. In a paddle craft you can paddle all day and never find a site. If you’re lucky and find a ranger on the water, he may know where a campsite is.

If you want to eliminate the motorboat crowd and be on the eastern part of the flowage you could enter the Manitowish River at the Hwy 51/47 intersection. There are at least 4 nice campsites on the way to Murrays Landing (12 miles) From the 51/47 intersection the road to Murray landing is less than a half a mile north to the left (Murrays Landing Road)

There is and outfitter right on Hwy 51 that can do a shuttle for you. It is a very peaceful lazy river, clear water, great for fishing. The river along 51 is nice, but the part from 47 down to the flowage is more remote (no tire noise). The campsites are free, first come, first serve, have fire rings, and a pit toilet set back in the woods. Have fun!

Thanks for the comments.
We’ll be getting there on Monday…early. I’ll investigate the river suggestions.

I agree
I did not take the river but would if I did it again. I would stay away from the area with motor boats. I went in the Fall. It was not awful but a little distracting & too busy for solitude (if you care about that). I would plan to stay the night by Murrays Landing area/canoe only area campsites if possible. I can’t speak to availability in June.

I frequent the Flowage
Mid June and going on a Monday shouldn’t be to bad. As said before, paddling the river into the flowage is a good way to go. Launching at Murray’s Landing is also good as the eastern part of the flowage is a designated “quiet area.” Motor boats are allowed but are expected to operate at low speeds to respect the quiet. There are several available campsites in the quiet area on islands and on the mainland. Most are “D” sites meaning they have a wilderness latrine and a fire pit but no picnic table. The “C” sites have a picnic table as well as latrine and fire pit but they are preferred by the motor boaters and most are on the western side of the flowage. There are no homes in the quiet area but there are homes on the western side. Fishing for walleye, perch, and small mouth bass is pretty good. Northern pike are abundant but are on the small side. Muskie are present but harder to catch. If you are lucky you may see otters and deer are abundant as are eagles and loons. It is a very nice area but not a wilderness. I have never been there when there weren’t other paddlers and motor boaters and I have been there in spring, summer and fall. That said, most of the campsites are far enough from one another to give you some privacy. Fresh water is available at Springstead Landing but not at Murray’s or Fisherman’s. I would take your own or have a good filter and filter lake water (which is what I do.) There are frfee maps available from the landing (help yourself box) and from local outfitters. Fishing maps are available for purchase from local sporting goods stores. Email if you want any other information.

Trout Lake
Check out my review of Trout Lake here on Pnet under “Go Paddle”. Nobody seems to know about the free, first come first serve shore line camp sites on the far side of the lake. I’m a local & hesitate to post this news, but we never see any sea kayakers on this huge beautiful lake that we paddle all summer long. If we can’t get up to the Apostles, an hour away, we always go to Trout.

I will check out Trout Lake! And it’ll be our secret.