Turtle Lake area - openings - Yahoo!

PORTAGE INFORMATION: The Little Gabbro to Bruin and Little Gabbro to S. Kawishiwi portages are one-way – open only for travel going out of Little Gabbro. Portages west of the Little Isabella River and Isabella River junction towards Bald Eagle are now open. Bald Eagle to Turtle, Turtle to Clearwater, Clearwater to Camdre, Camdre to Pietro, Pietro to Gull, Gull to Bald Eagle remain closed. No visitors will be allowed to come into this area from the Lake One chain or Kawishiwi River. There will be no travel or camping in the Weasel PMA.

ENTRY POINT: Snake River, Entry Point 84, re-opened Wednesday, July 26.

CAMPSITES: Three campsites on the southeastern shore of Bald Eagle re-opened Wednesday, July 26. The two most northern sites on the east side will remain closed, as well as the campsite near the Turtle Lake portage. All campsites on Turtle, Clearwater, Pietro and Gull remain closed.

TRAIL CLOSURES: Powwow Trail within the BWCAW.

SMOKE CONDITIONS: Visitors in the Lake One area may see or smell smoke. Visitors and residents in the Ojibway/Triangle area and the Moose Lake area will also see or smell smoke.

RESOURCES: Crews in the area continue to make public contacts with visitors in the BWCAW as needed.

FIRE INFORMATION: (218) 365-7620 Kawishiwi Ranger District Fire Information Desk

OTHER INFORMATION: The Northern Rockies Fire Use Team will be leaving Saturday. Management of the incident will continue under a fire use manager working with the Kawishiwi Ranger District Ely Complex.

Great news. Wife and I want to come up (from MO 650 miles), but are a bit hesitant and we have put it off the last two weeks. Probably car camp. A year without the BW would be terrible. I’ve been there every year at leastonce since 1969. Now, if only they’d open some of the trails off of the Gunflint or the Pow Wow.