Tuscaloosa, AL to Gulf of Mexico

Some friends and I have talked about going from Tuscaloosa, AL down to Mobile Bay and then paddle out to Dauphin Island. We would start on the Black Warrior>Tombigbee>Mobile River>Mobile Bay. If theres anyone who has done anything similar/knows part of those rivers, any information would be spectacular…

I was in Tuscaloosa two days ago. Its blooming hot.

Did some paddling in Mississippi near Bogue Chitto.

I have not paddled your route.

My impression was that the rivers are pretty low. I have driven there every spring and I dont remember seeing so much sand and gravel as this year.

Lack of rain…
Yeah, we’re in a “drought” right now. And the pollen is ridiculous. Still, gotta love the beautiful alabama spring weather…

I imagine it was hot to a New Englander,
even if only a NE by transplantation. With current temps in the low 60’s, that’s cool.

It did get hot here the last week or two. A cold front moved in yesterday/last night…now it’s cooled down. Though it was pushing 90 in the area last week.

90 is mild here. Wouldn’t paddle much
after March if only did it when the temps were below 90.

851 miles 49 days
On September 23, 2006 I paddled from Dahlonega, Ga to Dauphin Island. It was a wonderful journey, spiritual and more than I could describe. I was alone in a 12 rec kayak. You can read the story on my website blog www.georgiakayaker.com. and there are hundreds of pictures in the photo gallery also in order.

Being alone was the best part. I listened to the river and fell in love with it.

Try not to talk so much and enjoy the trip. You will be making a life time memory so do’tn let it be just a party.

Contact me if you wish. When you paddle to Dauphin Island you will know the difference between trip and journey.

Good luck on a trip that will open you eyes, your mind and your heart.

I wish you well on your journey.

mobile bay
I am not familiar with the river part of your trip, but Mobile Bay is very susceptible to developing a sttep and uncomfortable chop in even moderate winds. Pretty typical of shallow bays with a long fetch.

Sparsely populated
That’s some of the most sparsely populated parts of Alabama. I’ve never paddled those rivers but I have traveled the roads all through there. Make sure you’ve got plenty of supplies because stores and towns can be few and far between. Good luck!