Tuscarawas River Questions

I’m paddling in the middle of August on the Tuscarawas River, Ohio and have several questions for folks in the know. (I’m doing a partial re-creation of a canoe trip that my grandfather took 100 years ago from Cleveland to Marietta. I know about his trip because of a journal that he left - beautifully handwritten and illustrated in pen and ink.)

  1. How fast (mph) is the river flowing these days?
  2. Does anyone know anyone between Newcomerstown and West Lafayette that would allow me access to put my canoe in on their land
  3. Does anyone know anyone that would let me park my car at their house for a week.



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Have you checked your put in area on Google Earth? Might reveal an access option.

Sounds like a neat idea.

The Ohio DNR publishes a list of river access points for Ohio. For the Tusc, they list two spots in your area of interest. Here’s a link:


In Combs and Gillen’s book “Canoeing and Kayaking Ohio’s Streams”, they list these two locations, plus another one in Newcomerstown (River Street Bridge), but their book is a little dated (1994), so since the DNR doesn’t mention that location, it may not be available any more.

I haven’t paddled the Tusc that far south, but generally it is a slow moving river. Combs and Gillen do mention a set of Class II rapids near Orange (which is between Newcomerstown and West Lafayette), but I don’t have any first hand knowledge about it.

Can’t help you with a place to park, sorry.

Dang! Has it been 8 years since I lost touch with paddling.net???
Glad I found you guys again.

Sorry I am way too late to offer any advice on your 2010 Tuscarawas River trip. Hope it went well.

I’m planning a 2018 trip of the entire 130 miles (not necessarily in one continuous trip), and am also looking for advice/info from folks who know their area.

I only have knowledge of the stretch between Dover and Gnadenhutten.

Any ideas about the river north and/or south of that area would be appreciated… portages, campsites, etc.

No dates picked yet for this trek. Probably between Memorial Day and mid-September.

Anybody want to paddle part of it with me?

ODNR has an up to date map of river access points throughout the Tusc. It’s currently being developed as a water trail.