tw piece paddle

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Can't seem to find an email for Aqua Bound so I'll ask the question here.

I have a two piece Aqua Bound String Ray carbon shaft paddle. It is getting near impossible to take apart or assmeble by myself. I usually have to get my wife to hold the blade so I can twist and shove it together. I have wiped both ends and there are no burrs or anything to make it bind. I have dipped it in the water first before trying to put it together. Just doesn't want to go together. Do I need to sand one end?


I recall reading in a research paper
that epoxy will slowly absorb water and expand slightly over time. Now, just because it was research doesn’t make it true, and I couldn’t tell if the amount of expansion they claimed to measure was enough to make a paddle joint tight.

But in a recent thread on a similar topic, one suggestion was to get some very fine sandpaper and carefully reduce the size of the “male” end. And you have hit on this idea yourself. Just take it slow, being as careful as you can to sand evenly, and trying the fit repeatedly.

After cleaning it, rub a little
vasoline, or spray some silicone lubricant on it, and then work it back and forth.

After working it back and forth, do it again, until it slips in like when you first got it.

Depending on how much you use it, you might have to do it at least once a year or more.



I would use 0000 steel wool to
smooth it first.

Call AquaBound…
We had a problem, so we called AquaBound. The owner called back 4 times before he actually got in contact with us and he was then very eager to help…absolutely the greatest customer service you could ever hope for!

Have that problem with ours
Just be careful and sand it very slightly and keep checking when it is sanded enough to fit without struggling. You dont want to oversand to take it slowly.

Thanks for all the tips. Seems pretty smooth already as it doesn’t catch any fibers from the cloth I pull across. I’ll let you know how I make out.


Here’s the contact link:
I just tried to contact Aquabound myself on another matter and couldn’t get through because some links are out on the home page.

I did a Google search and got their contact page through this link: .

We have Aquabound Stingrays too, with the carbon shafts, and they have been terrific! I don’t know if you have an earlier model, because they improved the connection hardware a while back - but I have read repeatedly that Aquabound’s customer support is excellent.

Follow up . . .
Ravinerat, have you been able to resolve your problem? I’m still waiting for a reply from Aquabound to my inquiry.

service excellents
Problem resolved. I phoned Aquabound and they answered the phone right away. Talked about the problem and it doesn’t seem to be a common problem. They told me to send them the paddle and they’d fix it right away. The paddle is over 3 years old. So while talking I went to fit it together and it slid in without any resistance. Works perfect now. So we figure it must be due to temps. I store it assembled in my garage where it get hot. Today the temps are pretty cool so maybe it contracted a bit. I believe the insert is carbon fiber not plastic. We’re going to monitor the situation and no intervention seems needed at this time.


I’m glad you got it resolved,

Parts of their site were down briefly, but all that’s corrected, pending a whole new site to be put up soon.

For background on the changes at Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches, see my recent post on the Paddlers’ Place forum, titled: AB/BB Paddle Companies unite!

great stuff
I read the report. Great stuff. I was impressed with their customer service and the way they handled my questions. Glad my issue resolved its self.