Twist in canoe

I have just taken delivery of a new kevlar 16ft Prospector with ash gunwales. Placing it on my roof rack I noticed one corner cleared the rack by an inch - this twist was confirmed at home on two parallel stands five feet apart.

My question is - what is the effect of this apparent twist. Is it important and should I have the canoe replaced with a new one that sits flat?

Thank you.

Sounds like
the gunnel on the opposite side was really too long and was forced into place anyways. A length too short will do that too obviously but generally once one side is done the other side has to be same or this tweak will occur. Too long being the most pronounced warp. This will cause a different sheer on one side and thus a “lopsided” set of sheer lines that are usually only apparent in the cases you have shared with us. I would wonder (as Mike said) about over-all quality now. Did an apprentice put this one together? How do the breasthooks look? I would take it back and discuss options before you get it wet.

Good luck!

That’s what I thought … but…
Thank you for such quick responses…what you have said is what I was thinking but I needed some input from people with more experience than myself. It is an expensive canoe and, ironically, this is the third they have shipped (the first two damaged in transit) so I felt bad for the manufacturer…but I am fussy to begin with and I know an obvious fault like that would take the shine off the purchase for me.

It goes abck - and than k you for such a quick response.

torqued canoe
If you ever rerailed a boat, you’ll know that it’s easy to torque the boat with the gunnels.

New boat? Insist that the manufacturer take it back or you’ll complain all over the Internet. There won’t be much sympathy for the manufacturer.

One you’ve just rerailed? Leave the thwarts, loosen all the gunnel screws, untorque the hull (you can move things around a LOT with turnbuckled diagonals). It wouldn’t hurt to walk along the rails, rapping inside and out with a soft hammer. Clamp the boat so the rails are level and retighten.