Two Fussy Gunwale Questions

I'm new to this message board, so forgive me if these topics have been covered. I'm doing my best to restore a MR Independence from the mid-90's. Hull is fiberglass and it has ash trim. I have two fussy gunwale questions:<br />

1) The gunwales have black marks on them from cartop canoe racks, probably Thule or Yakima. I've mostly eliminated the marks by sanding, but I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to prevent this problem. Eventually I'll be transporting this canoe, and I'd like to avoid more black marks. (I have a Thule rack).

2) The previous owner kept up with the gunwale maintenance, but he was a little messy. In a few places, Watco Teak Oil dripped down the hull, leaving orange drip marks. Purely a cosmetic problem, but I'd really like to get rid of these drip marks. Anyone know how?;

Can’t help you with the drip marks…
…but I avoid the rack scuffs on my Malecite by cutting short lengths of pool noodle and splitting them lengthwise on one side, then clipping them on the gun’ls where they will rest on the racks. Then I load the boat from the side so it slides across on the noodle sections. Probably somebody has a better way, but it’s cheap.

Instead of pool noodles
get clear plastic tubing (all big box stores have it and you can cut any length you want). It is thinner than noodles, and will last much longer.

Using gunnel brackets to eliminate slide will also help.

For the drips you can try acetone but if using on the interior use sparingly and wipe off as soon as you are done.

I’ve also been able to scratch off some drips with my fingernail…sort of depends on how long it’s been on there and how thick.