Two Great Lakes in November

I’ve had the opportunity (and weather) to get out on both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron this month. a week ago Saturday our club had a surf outing on Lake Michigan (launch at Duck Lake SP & portage the bar). 2 - 4 footers - a bit confused. In my case it was also a good opportunity to test the dry suit and practice swimming. First time in surf in the Delphin & its been years anyway. This Saturday (the 14th) we were over to Port Huron to paddle the loop water trail. Up the Black River cut, down Lake Huron & the St. Clair River then back up the Black river to the start. About 10 miles. Conditions were very benign with a light south breeze & little other boat traffic.

No pictures from the surf session - didn’t bother to bring the camera. A couple from Port Huron though.


“Practice swimming.” Good idea.
If its too cold to practice, it is too cold to paddle.

In the shadow of the Hollyhock
one cranes their neck not buoy,
to see if Gratiot’s stockade
still stands post war’s kaplooey,

where glides La Riviere St. Clair’s
Blue Water (neath the) Bridge,
and ghost and ghosts of Pontiacs
no more cross here to ridge.

Currently reading “Where Rivers Run” by the McGuffins. Big cold water. They are on the St Lawrence Seaway in a Wenonah Charger.