Two kayaks on a Saturn

Has anyone used stacks or J cradles to carry two kayaks on a Saturn SL sedan?

Not on a Saturn, but on my 96 VW Golf, also a small car of equivalent size. No problem with 2 Thule J-style carriers. I used to own a Saturn SL, and think this would be no problem either. Keep in mind a wise move would be to tie your boats down fore and aft although it is not strictly required by the rack design.

doesn’t recommend their stackers on the Saturn, but the Thule J-style hull-a-ports are supposed to work on Yakima racks as well. I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t work on my Saturn, especially for carrying short distances, mainly for shuttling.

Thanks for your response—sounds like it can be done.

i have the thule j-hooks…
and 1 of them broke the other day because of extreme wind. i need to replace the 2.50$ part but i’m kind of wanting to get the other style where the kayak can sit flat on top of the bars. I think this would be better for the wind resistance.

I have Mako saddles
that I use for my one kayak. I keep looking at the bar and wondering if I moved the saddles as far to one side as possible, there would be room for the J things. Usually, I’ll just carry one kayak, but occasionally it would be advantageous to carry two when a friend and I want to shuttle.

We’ve also thought about just plopping her kayak next to mine and strapping it on the bars for a short haul.

These are tough plastic kayaks, of course, and we’re talking short distances on country roads at low speed.

Sissy - I used to have a Saturn SW-2 and used the Thule bars with a stacker and front and rear tie-downs for our rec yaks. Worked fine.


I saw 2 kayaks on Saturn one night.
Back in my drinking days.