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Dose anybody have any ideas on an inexpensive roof rack system for a Jeep Cherokee with no luggage rack. I have been pondering this Idea for some time now and I end up sliding my kayak in the back of my buddy’s truck. But my Cherokee gets a lot better fuel mileage. It dose have a good driprail. I have thought of rolling them on the top with some of those cheap swimy noodles or the foam blocks and even my utility trailer. Nothing seems to be simple and quick. Anybody got any ideas on this topic.

bananaboat, what kind of aftermarket …

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....... rack systems are available for a Jeep Cherokee that has roof gutters ??

Have you heard of Yakima ?? Cost a few bucks but good stuff .

1A Towers or 1A Highrise Towers (set of 4) ... add ($$) bars (choice of lengths) , add ($$) cylinder locks ... for a kayak add ($$) kayak craddles (choice of craddle) .

There are other rain gutter clip on racks systems that are less expensive , like standard steel ladder racks seen on Vans . Check local Home Depot , Lowes , auto parts shops , ladder companys , etc. .

What’s on your roof
I will have to check out the ladder racks. I thought about building something that I could remove quickly. Something that could be loaded easily. I have some left over steel tube I don’t know I guess I will figure something out. Thanks.

Almost all newer vehicles do not have rain gutters. That might be the reason why the Yakima gutter mounts are so common on ebay. You shouldn’t have to pay much for a set - even with locks. Used bars are pretty low priced too - so long as you go for the shorter lengths.

bananaboat , our set up currently is on

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....... a Dakota pickup w/cap (cab roof level cap) .

I'm using "Yakima Q-Towers" on cab and a hitch mount "Reese Canoe Loader" at rear . I added a 9" hitch extension so I can open the tail gate and cap window all the way with the canoe loaded .

The Q-Towers and hitch mount loader take about 5 mins. to put on (or take off) ... I don't keep them on the truck .

I load canoes (no kayaks) , and I can tell you , this set up is sweet and way to easy to load ... I don't think it could get any easier .

I'm petty certain those Yakima A-1 Towers can be put on and taken off just as easy as my Q-Towers ... probably take you 10 mins. to get them out of storage and put both front and rear on ... I got the cylinder locks to deter would be thieves from snatchin the Q-Towers ... so far , so good . I just pop the Reese Canoe Loader out of the hitch and stick it inside the truck when out . I could pop off the Q-Towers and stick them inside too , but I don't . Bought this stuff new and cost me 250. bucks for all of it ... worth every penny !! I thought it all sounded a bit expensive when thinking about at first , but now that I'm using it I would have paid more .

The ability to put-on and take-off Yakima Towers with out any tools is great . Yakima making them so portable like that is a great advantage , I wouldn't want to have a cab bar rack on this truck permenantly , don't use this one for construction work . Once you assemble the Towers and bar the first time , that's it ... after that they just pop on and off . The only thing you check on now and then is the tightness (has a hand adjustment) .

Good luck , I got tired of loading the hard way myself .

If it has rain gutters
Then the Quick ‘n’ Easy racks are the way to go. You add a 2x4 of whatever length you need and you have a secure rack that’ll handle your canoe with no trouble. I used them for years on my Ford Ranger and they worked great.

I drilled holes in the 2x4 every few inches and then made loops of line. I fed the loops through a fender washers. The knot wouldn’t fit through the hole in the fender washer. Then I was able to feed the loop up through the holes in the 2x4 and I had secure and convenient tie down spots anywhere I needed one. I worked very well.

I bought the Quick ‘n’ Easy rack uprights from NRS.

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