Two MMSI numbers for two paddlers?

Hi all,

I recently picked up a pair of handheld DSC radios with GPS (Standard Horizon HX890) for my wife and I, and am trying to decide if I should register for one MMSI number or two.

I am leaning toward two since then the contact info for the person using the radio will be correct - especially since my wife occasionally solos. I can also update the remarks with the correct information for the boat being paddled (not always the same for every outing) instead of just putting all the possible boats in there (if the field is large enough for that). Although I am not 100% certain if the remarks are easily/quickly changeable via either the BoatUS or the US Power Squadrons websites - I’d appreciate recommendations here from anyone who has experience with either.

The only downside I can think of with two is that we will have to make sure we each have our correct radio, but that should be easily handled by marking them.

Thanks in advance!

Each radio should be registered and have its own MMSI. Be sure to keep a written record of your user name and password for BoatUS or US Power Squadron as you’ll need it to make updates to each MMSI.

If you carry cell phones as well, the USCG has an excellent app which allows you to include full descriptions of your boats as well as photos.

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Thanks for the confirmation! I’ll register two MMSIs then.

I have the app but always forget to use it. Can you specify your MMSI with your profile in the app? I don’t see a way to do it, but that would be neat if you could.

EDIT: You can! In the boat details, after checking that you have a radio on-board.

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Especially helpful to me is the buoy information. Lots of good info there.

If you use multiple radios on one vessel, you can use the same MMSI number for all the radios, but if the radios are used on various vessels, it is suggested that each radio have its own MMSI number so the you can update the associated information for each radio as necessary. This also associates a particular individual and their contact and other information with the MMSI number.

While you can change a lot of information regarding the contact information associated with the MMSI number, you generally need to send the radio back to the factory get a new MMSI number, as it’s programmed into the radio and is often not user changeable once registered.

Registered for my Boston Whaler so if I use it on a kayak it sucks. Then I have multiple colored Kayaks so then what do you do?

Maybe I’ll call the CG tomorrow.

I have 2 kayaks and 1 radio. I put “red or white kayak” in the vessel description.

I would be very hesitant to put the same MMSI in more than 1 radio because of protocols for emergency, emergency cancel, position request, talk request, test and so on and so forth.

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You can change the information that you entered with your MMSI number if you change boats. To do this you need to remember who you registered the radio through; FCC, Sea-Tow, Boats US, etc. If you have forgotten, any one of these can generally tell you as long as you have the MMSI number.

7 kayaks and a boat I’d be switching constantly.

The USCG would still have your GPS position, identity, and contact information. There shouldn’t be any need to distinguish between the kayaks. After the USCG or other boats in the area respond on channel 16 you could verbally add what ever information you felt you needed to.

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