two new to me kayaks

first off, hello…im new here and sorta new to kayaking…a couple of years now…but any way in as many months ive traded for 2 fishing kayaks, the first is a wilderness tarpon 160 with the dual hatches the latest is a malibu x factor…ive had the tarpon out and really enjoyed it. havent had the x factor out yet but do like the storage options a little better…do you guys think these are pretty good boats? i live in talladega alabama and mostly paddle on the near by rivers and a few creeks, may try for a gulf coast trip soon…if i were ever to get rid of one which would be the keeper? i love them both and plan to keep them but you never know

"Which One"
They are probably both good kayaks but if it was me I would keep the Tarpon! Spend some quality time in both maybe you will find a friend to go with you.Catch some big fish and enjoy the water!

new to me kayaks
thanks buddy, i have noticed that the tarpon is made out a thicker or maybe stiffer material…has almost no flex…but yeah i looking forward to getting out with the malibu and giving it a try…ill keep yall posted

Very different boats
For small twisty water with current, that Malibu X will be better suited. For big water or flat water, that Tarpon 160 will be the cat’s pajamas.

They’re both good boats. If you have to narrow down to one or the other, it’s all going to come down to how you’re going to use it the most.

I don’t know anything about your area, so can’t give any specific advice.

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took the malibu out for a run
well i took the malibu out yesterday on choccolocco creek in talladega al…i paddled a good ways up the creek to the first set of shoals…this is where the down stream current gets a little too to paddle against…i was very impressed with the boat…the rear cargo area is great, very easy to access from the sitting area, the boat tracks very well…tough choice between it and the tarpon, theyre both great boats, im a lucky man

I had the 2 hatch 160 and Malibu’s eXtreme.I loved both but both are heavy and a chore to deal with out of the water.I would suggest selling one and replace it with something shorter/lighter for an easy to live with “grab’n go” boat.

good advice
I see your point, I just can’t decide which one to keep…leaning toward the tarpon 160

I had the Tarpon 160
and while it’s a very good SOT, in big water it was a pain as it pearled way too much and was a very wet ride with it’s nose buried in a wave. It’s noted to be a fast paddler, but there are equally or faster touring kayaks at shorter lengths that out perform the 160. The Necky 140 ( I have the 13’) is faster, Cobra Tourer at 15’ is faster, won’t pearl, and easier to turn in fast rivers. Of course the Kaskazi Dorado is the ultimate SOT performer!

Wow, that kaskazi is one cool boat…but out of my price range…I’m lucky that the main places that I launch from have ramps, so when hauling on my trailor the weight is not a real big deal…but the thing is a brute when moving from the trailor to my patio…but hey, thanks again,now you got me saving and dreaming about that kaskazi…the wife’s gonna be thrilled.

you could try for a belated Father’s Day gift on that Dorado? Or if not a father, B Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and don’t forget Kwanzaa…:slight_smile:

tough sell
she can be a hard case…you never know…maybe i will buy now and ask for forgivness later…an old buddy used to say…a man can never get so far into the dog house that he cant “f” his way back out…hmmm

had to let the tarpon go
well after a few trips in both i decided to let the tarpon 160 go…tough choice but the malibu was a better fit for me, the rear well as well as the extra width were the main points that made my decision final, the double hatches on the 160 just didnt fit my needs but overall the ws platform is a great product…by the way i traded for a nice mathews switchback compound bow…anyone ever try bow fishing from a yak…thats my plan

very much into archery/bow hunting but I’ve never tried it yet.I have a reel/line and a couple glass fish arrows on hand.One of these days!

t.v. star?
im looking to have my own show one day, a new spin on the gator craze…me standing on my sot yak, bow in hand trying to bag a 15 footer…hmmm may not have a long run,not many reruns lol

you could be a guest on Shelby the swamp mans show.

Reminds me of a story
On my first trip to an ocean beach - ever - I was enamored by the Outer Banks of North Carolina in general and the Pamlico Sound in particular. Because I could see that a great deal of effort into conservation had been done, I called NC Fish & Wildlife to see if there were any ecological volunteer opportunities that week.

The person who answered asked if I could handle a canoe. I told her that I could. She then said if I could meet them early the next morning for a wildlife tagging opportunity. I told her that I could, but then thought to ask what the wildlife was. She told me they were meeting up near Avon and then driving over to the Alligator River to tag alligators.

I told her that there has GOT to be a better craft from which to assault alligators than a canoe and declined the opportunity. She laughed and said they had been getting that response quite a bit.

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