Two person guide boat technique

Are there any guide boat paddling technique videos? Are there any tips for the second paddler? I am planning to race the 90 Miler next year.

We race the 90 every year, but …
in the stock class, but I love watching the two person Guide boats.

Not sure if this helps, but while one is rowing, the other in the stern is facing forward and paddling and steering. His paddling stroke is in synch with the rower, and he switches sides to help with the steering

Then after a certain time they switch and that is fascinating to watch.

The stern guy stands with his legs apart, and the guy who was rowing crawls between his legs and takes his place in the stern.

Get the lightest boat you can because those carries are a bear!

Jack L

Stern Paddler

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I have raced in the 90 miler for many years, though not in a guideboat, but I have been in shorter races in my guideboat. I do know well several guideboat racers, but I am certainly not any expert in that craft.

A solo guideboat rower can easily make the boat literally spin in place on a dime. But with two in the boat, the rower moves to the forward rowing position with the "sport" seated in the stern using a "sneak" paddle. From the forward rowing seat the rower can't spin to turn the boat nearly as easily, though except for the tightest turns at speed I believe most course maneuvering is still done from the oars. The stern paddler provides synchronized power, and can always help with the steering and fine direction control and maintenance.

I found it most useful for the stern paddler to be my eyes looking forward, giving me verbal corrections, such as "5 left" for a minor correction, or "20 right" for a larger correction, or "hard left" for a maximum turn on both of our parts. Once on track I pick a landmark directly behind to visually stay on a straight track. Not sure if this is exactly what the more seasoned guideboat racers do, but it has worked for me on those lesser races that I have been in.