Two piece Anas Acuta

Bad luck:

Don’t underestimate the power of breaking waves in surf…

Ouch! NM

looks like
it broke where the day hatch used to be?

Was the day hatch rim removed?

But yes waves are really powerful.

Glad you are OK.
Bummer on the boat,but better it than you.Maybe the manufacturer will help with the cost of a new one?

Why would it snap like this???
Shouldn’t the Kevlar have held it in one piece even if it is cracked and twisted? Looks almost like a clean-cut from the photo… Too much carbon, perhaps? Or may be the square shape of this particular kayak puts too much pressure and the structure fails catastrophically (where a more rounded shape might have had some flex there and not break).

I guess, what happened was that he slammed down hard with the deck down. The deck is probably weaker behind the seat than the hull is in the same area. Add a glassed-in rigid bulkhead there creating additional stress point and once the deck snaps, the rest snaps off too…

The break line is not near the
bulkhead, if there even is one, (there is no day hatch), so not a bulkhead “stress riser.” Second thing, what is the silver thing hanging off the rear deck, not a paddlefloat? Seen too many wash off at the wrong, wrong, wrong time.


Archimedes’ Lever
"Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I can move the Earth."

He’s lucky the kayak broke BEHIND the cockpit…

Very impressive
seen a few boats break, but that’s pretty spectacular.

Can you turn it into a sectional seayak?

Thank god you were not seriously injured.

I noticed that your Anas does not have a day hatch. I would guess that means that it has one less bulkhead than a standard Anas. Would that lack of third bulkhead make the boat less sturdy?