Two Piece Paddles

Can someone (or everyone) fill me in on any down sides to the two piece paddle? Obviously easier to transport, carry as a spare etc, but wat is the downside? Also anything I should be watchful for?


2 piece…
Shipping is much less on a 2 pieceand most can adjust the feather…

Downside… can cost more and might have ferrule problems (rare).

Yes Grayhawk - reason i asked this is twofold

    • Shipping Costs - I wanted a professionally made Greenland Paddle, but apparently you just can’t get them here in Australia. Shipping on one paddle was around $250 due to excessive length. A split with carbon fibre ferrule is $48 to ship! the paddle itself is only $160-185. (extra is for two piece)
  1. And sure this may get some comments, as a novice I am interested in carrying a Euro and GP, and figured 2 two piece paddles would be easier to store on board, and swap as I go.

    Was curious if a two piece flexes more ie. loses rigidity

    Any horror stories or thumbs up would be great!

OK Greenland…
Not that hard to make an acceptable GP after a few tries… Plans and directions all over the place…

Good luck…

I intend to
But want one I know is right first to compare to! Call me lazy! also seen directions for make your own carbon fibre GP…mmmm

now thats fun!

2 piece
Cost more, weigh more, ferrule can loosen up or jam, joint can be a weak point. Good designs minimize those negatives.

That said, I’ve found 1-piece euro paddles to be a PITA for touring – there’s no good way to stow them on the boat if you want to switch paddles.

I have 4 piece Lendal
It is solid as a rock when assembled. It also breaks down to a very small package if necessary. Some 2 piece paddles move a little bit. But the main problem is usually getting sand in the joint.

The worst downside is
if you have 2 two piece paddles alike and you grab 2 of the same ends.

Happened to a friend of mine 3 weeks ago. Made her paddle 5 miles with half a paddle.

Paddlin’ on


Builders in Australia
I would guess that you can find a builder somewhere in Australia. I just recently purchased a GP and the builder lives across the lake from me. He doesn’t advertise. He doesn’t have a web sight. I found out about him by word of mouth. Ask around. You may be surprised.

Would you say they are good quality workmanship? comes with a carbon fibre ferrule. As for Euro i’m sure a can find plenty!

That is why I have one 2-pc paddle.
A good 2 pc paddle works fine.Then there was the one at the lake this weekend with an Al shaft it took 2 of us to seperate.

Would you think it was ok to have only 2 piece paddles? or Is a good one piece a good idea?

The issue with a one piece is transport
both in the car and the boat. In my canoe, when I switch to a single blade, I take the double apart and it is out of the way. Not the case with one you can’t take apart.

I paddle in sandy saltwater
Sometimes a grain of sand will get in the handle and wreak havoc with assembly. Other times, my button will stick. It’s disconcerting to be paddling along and have your paddle come apart because the button was stuck in the down position.

Bending Branches one to consider

Tuktu -> Yes
The person who makes these is a well-known greenland paddler and paddle maker.

Feathercraft has a take-apart GP.

So does Cricket.

No doubt, there are others.