Two Weeks on Salt Water - 2020

Our annual summer vacation at the beach ended today, so unfortunately packing up to go home trumped paddling this morning. I paddled almost every day of our two-week vacation (missed one day due to work and one day due to weather).


This is pretty much the only time that I paddle in salt water, and I get lots of practice paddling in wind and waves. I spend a lot of time on Point Judith Pond, but there are lots of other great places to paddle like the Harbor of Refuge, Narrow River, Dutch Harbor, Jamestown Harbor, and Wickford. I didn’t get over to Newport this year, or to some of the other salt ponds – next year.

All the trip reports are here:

Or you can see the 4-minuter version here with music by Jerry Vandiver. I avoided the whitecaps, paddled through lots of rollers, and never tipped over, but I did paddle into a lot of headwinds, so this song seemed appropriate.


The mouth of the Narrow River can be interesting. Capsized once just inside it and pulled out one of my more impressive saves another time crossing it.

Glad you had a chance to spend time in salt. Going to be a long winter for anyone who does not use this weather to get out there.

The Narrows is a neat place - I stay behind the rocks and don’t go out too far. Sometimes I will surf, but not this time. The waves didn’t look too bad, but the beach was deserted. For me surfing success is getting swamped on the upstream (up wave?) side of the boat so the boat doesn’t run me over on the way in. :wink:

Waves at the beach