Tybee Island, GA

I’m planning a trip to Tybee Island, GA this summer. I want to kayak out to Cockspur Lighthouse from Lazaretto Creek. I know that low tide is the best time to visit the lighthouse, but should I go out when the tide is going out, just before low tide and come back in as the tide is rising? Someone local please give me some tips. Also, some of my group are not experienced paddlers, any bad currents that we need to know about in the south channel? Thanks for any input. Slowpoke

Drop a line to the folks at
Sea Kayak Georgia. They could probably answer any of your questions.

Sea Kayaker Magazine also had a detailed article on paddling in and around Tybee Island sometime within the last 2-3 years. Check out SKM on-line for the back issue.

Tybee Island
The only thing I remember about the tides was that it was … ah … interesting getting into kayaks from the little launch docks in the creek while the tide was running.

Other than that, the paddle out and back was pretty tame.

Make sure everyone has decent footwear, as the shores are covered in sharp shells (at least in the places where we landed – or thought about landing.)