Tybee this time of year?

I found a much better job and have about 2 weeks to drive south from the Mass. area and return with my sea kayak before the new job starts.

Does it make sense to stop by Tybee or should I just head straight down to Northern Florida. Can anyone tell me what it is going to be like at this time of year? Specifically, has the bird migration completed? Will alot of shops and restaurants be closed up like Bar Harbor or Cape Cod?

My main interest is touring in a sea kayak, watching wildlife, and photography.

Head further south to Jekyll and Cumberland.

Like closed for winter? Perhaps…call Savannah Canoe and Kayak. Last time we were there it was more a labor and covid thing.

Concur…but add Okefenokee Swamp, St Marys River near Folkston/ Hilliard and around Amelia Island. (Ferndina).

Tybee has a sandbar that is great for surfing if that’s your thing. Also, Savannah is a fantastic town to visit: Great food, bars, history, etc, and it won’t be shuttered.

Little Tybee has free camping only accessable by boat or you could visit Ebenezer Creek for a change of pace.

Cumberland, Jekyll and Okefenokee are also pretty great, but Tybee/Savannah compares favorably in my opinion; it’s one of my favorite paddling destinations.

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