Tying canoe to Honda Accord

Got some Thule racks and the canoe “cradle” that slides onto 'em. We’re gonna use 2 web straps across the canoe’s belly, but what about the front & back? I’ve heard that tying the canoe down to the rear of the car doesn’t serve any purpose, but can someone tell me exactly where you secure the lines to a Honda Accord 4-dr.? Under the hood somewhere? And where under the rear?

Most important ta use bow an’ stern

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tiedowns. Canoo an' 'yaks! Dis be one of de ways dat ah' use. Loops of strapping bolted ta fender/engine well.




FE, you need to put together a web book
of canoe knowledge.

Wood have ta enclood a

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Old Bogotain ta King's Engleesh diktoonary wit dat or git Miss Crabtree ta translate.


great, thanks for the tip …
For fuel economy reasons I had found an old yakima rack to fit our’01 accord and with 29" 'tween the burs I knew i’d have to find sompin to hold dat bow from flapping round thanks, but " we dont need no stinkin translator"

Using our 3rd Accord for canoes…
I use ties from the tip of the front end of the canoe, forward over the bumper and back to the tow eyes under the car.

Our 2000 and our 2008 Accord have only a single tow loop, centered, at the back. A rope goes from the back end of the canoe, around the bumper, and to that centered tow loop.

The front tow loops on our 2008 Accord are harder to reach, but I prefer the tow loop connection to anything just attached to the bumper skin.

Whether Thule or Yakima, the gunwale brackets will help greatly in keeping the canoe from shifting forward under braking. I had occasion to execute a panic stop in our 2000 Accord with the canoe on top, in Yakima gunwale brackets. The canoe did not shift at all. If you are convinced that your racks are solidly on the car like they are supposed to be, you can also run a snub rope from the front crossbar to the bow carry handle of the canoe.

Use the hood
On my Honda I use the hinges for the hood. Open the hood, loop one strap around the left hinge, the other around the right, pull tight and close the hood.

On my Jetta
I’ve got recovery points on the front and rear bumpers that can be used to pull the car out of a ditch or onto a tow truck. I secure the Canoe to those.