Tying kayak on 2009 Sienna

Every source I’ve read tells you to tie down a kayak/canoe both fore and aft after loading onto the vehicle. I’ve done this with every Toyota I’ve owned, tying it to eylets on the front of the frame.

Toyota has eleminated this eyelet on my 2009 Toyota Sienna. Every part of the front end is either smooth and or plastic and I can see no point to tie the kayak. Tying the aft end is no problem, since I have a hitch.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can tie the front of the kayak to the vehicle–other than to my saddles

Webbing Loops
We use webbing loops, which are anchored to fender bolts in the engine compartment - not sure how that’s work for a Sienna, since I don’t know the vehicle, but all you need is a solid bolt that’s near the edge of the engine hood. Make your web loops, burn a hole the size of the bolt thru them, remove the bolts, place the loops, reinsert the bolts - and you’re good to go. The loops can be flipped under the bonnet when they aren’t in use. Email me if you want some pix…

I have the same van

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and I just tie a loop of rope around the arm that holds the hood to the car. Be sure it's long enough to pull up between the hood and fender when needed. I've done it with all my cars and it's worked just fine. Stays out of the way under the hood until you need it, then just pull it up to use when needed

Edit..guess I need to clarify...loop is around the arm on each side that hinges the hood to the car, not the clasp that holds hood down.

How do you tow the Sienna now?
Does the owners manual say how to tow from the front end? My Sienna was the first year and hand tow eyelets under the frame, you can probably secure a tie down from where the hood locks down but that seems kind of risky if you actually put a lot of force on the tiedowns in an accident or high winds.

Towing Eyelets
I have a 2010 Rav4 that has 2 towing eyelet threads in the front bumper covered by plastic covers. I pop off the covers with a small putty knife every time I use them. I then screw in the towing eyelet that comes with the jack kit. I bought a 2nd eyelet from the dealer. Your van may be the same.

pix of webbing loops
webbing loops are a very good way to add an anchor point where there is not one.

Detailed article and pix: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2009/12/diy-tie-down-anchors-for-modern-cars.html

try these …