type of canoe

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hello all new here and enjoying the site i would like help from anyone i have a canoe that is fiberglass made and it has bench seats in the canoe but its not like average one they are on the side of the canoe also it has a 11 digit HIN and have looked online for one similar and cannot find one please help.....i have pics how can i post them?

the first 3 digits are the manufacturers ID code. The Coast Guard web site can translate the ID to what manufacturere it is.

coast guard

type of canoe
i typed my hin in snd nothing look at it it is WM2NS24C787 THATS IT

Westerly Marine corporation

Their home page


Looks like they have moved on from canoes. The last two digits is usually year of manufacture.

type of canoe
okay guys so i checked out the website and even called the WESTERLY MARINE CORP and asked about it and they don’t make canoes and there not open to the public only private party only custom orders they couldn’t even tell me what was the smallest boat they’ve made

Sounds like…
you’ve reached a dead end. You know who made it. You probably know when it was made. You can guess that the company that made it hasn’t made canoes for a long time, will give you no customer support, and can’t tell you anything more about it. Unless you run across somebody who used to work for them or who owned that same model (if it even was a model, it might be a one of a kind, who knows?) and still has the catalog or owner’s manual or whatever, you’ve learned about all you can.

type of canoe
oh wow what a bummer well that sucks i wanted to see a pic. of one cuz my stern is real weak im just going to add a piece of foam and fiberglas it in, also i cant find a canoe with seats on the side(like along the gunwhales)more like a bench seat but built into the canoe not like other canoes the seat goes across supported by the gunwhales.

Are you sure you want to spend time
and effort on this strange boat? I suggest getting something much more mainstream, from a manufacturer most people have heard of.

The bit about seats along the sides is especially puzzling. That isn’t going to work with any canoe designed to get somewhere.