Types of adhesive

I am new to the kayaking ownership world and took our kayaks out for the 2nd time and apparently made a rookie mistake. I had both kayaks on the rack of the truck and drove for 6 hours. Upon arriving at our destination I had found the foam bulkheads, separating the cockpit from the dry bays had blown out with the force of the driving wind (Yes I was driving without cockpit covers :pensive:). Fortunately, the foam partitions are still in the boats but need to be reglued. I would like to hear what the community has to say regarding the best type of adhesive to do the job.
Thanks all

Lexel… do not use silicone


Agree with Lexel. Recommended by the manufacturer of my boat. Sticks to almost anything. Be sure the surfaces are clean and dry. Be careful when applying as cured Lexel is almost impossible to remove. Mineral spirits or paint thinner will cleanup uncured Lexel.

Double check with the manufacturer of your boat. Not compatible if silicone has been used previously and incompatible with some plastics.


I use 3M , 4200.

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Dynabond I think is the trade name rafter use.

I suspect the bulkheads didn’t blow out due to air pressure (unless they were not glued in to start with). Is it possible you tightened the straps tight enough to flex the hull, and that separated the bulkheads from the hull? If so, make sure you don;t do this again, or you may have the same issue all over again.

I certainly don’t think I tightened it down that much but I suppose it’s possible. Doing 65 miles an hour down the road wouldn’t force flex that foam bulkhead enough to push it back enough to cause the glue to separate from the foam?