Typical discount for blem boat

I am looking at a used boat that when new had a bubble in the gel coat near the skeg. The gel coat chipped off (about 3 inches) It has been since sanded and “repaired” but I do not think new gel coat was applied. Anyway, I am trying to determine what the new cost would be to make an offer on the used boat. If new perfect boat was say $2700, and you “fixed” the blem yourself, how much should I discount the $2700 to determine the actual price? If I were offering 50% of the original price it would be $X. But then, I’d want to offer 50% of the blem actual cost, and maybe the cost paid a few years ago, not today’s list price. Anyone had any experiences with this type of thing?

supply and demand
sets the price on all boats.

If a top-of-the-line boat had a gel-coat pop, the discount might be just the actual cost of repair- say $100-200. If it was a less-than-desireable model, maybe more % off.

gel-coat pops are no biggie and IMO don’t really demand much discount beyond actual repair costs.


Yep, depends on the boat.

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I've paid 95% of retail for one I really wanted and in short supply that had a blem.

Paid 50% of retail for a boat I wanted, but was at every shop and had a smaller blem.

Most times I have seen them at 70% of retail with you live with it or fix it yourself blem.

NOTE: I also try to time these purchases for out of season buys as well to get better deal.

I really like bargain shopping and have the patience to normally wait till the deal is right. This is real important in blem/clearance/phase out buying. To date I have only paid full price for 4 boats that I know of, but I would also pay full price for those boats again, anytime. Others I would not.



Blem boat
This is a private party sale and the boat is an Impex Assateague. Having to order and wait for a new boat does not thrill me when one is available now ad a reduced price. My wife says I will have to buy a business license as a marina with all the boats I will have.

If it is…
Last year’s model and been sitting around the floor for awhile, offer them at most $2K. Here is why:

Boat is not new, so the Orginal Warranty may or may not apply. Best check with Impex.

Damage is damage and although mostly cosmetic, still needs to be addressed. Chipped gel coat is more significant than scratched gelcoat. If a proshop were to repair it, what would it cost? Deduct that cost.

Normaly if I was to buy a used boat, even in pristine condition, I would look for at least 20% of list or current sell price. Year end sales typically move new boats at this discount. For each model year older, add another 5%. So a 2004 model would be at least 30% (2 years old @ 5% each year + 20% base. I wouldn’t expect to get anything more than 40 to 50% of a used from new. At some point they still hold a certain amount of value.


is this from a retailer or private sale?

Unless it’s an auction…
I don’t much care for the “make an offer” game and generally refuse to play it. I figure it means the seller is either, clueless himself about what the item is worth, or fishing for a sucker with more money than sense.

If the seller is stubborn about naming a figure I will make a rediculously lowball offer and when it’s refused say “OK, so how much do you want?”.

Just my opinion. I don’t like to haggle.