U-Haul truck+ transporting composite boa


know someone moving to Seattle from my area. He has a 26 footer he is taking. Want to transport a 16 ft sea kayak through him to Seattle. He’s been a professional mover for some time now …problem is I don’t know how to pack it or place it in the truck …any ideas?



U-Haul Truck
Wrap the kayak in bubble wrap packing,tape it and then pack it in the u-haul so that it won’t move around. Try not to pack anything heavy on top of it and make sure nothing can fall on it. Vaughn Fulton

Use bubble wrap
and TIE it up on the side of the truck near the top (inside naturally). I have shipped and had shipped to me two kayaks in containers on a barge in Hawaii this way and they survived undammaged.

as mentioned attaching it to the inside removes it from vibrating down onto other stuff. Who is removing it? If it’s not you then protect the ends so that a 3’ drop doesn’t chip the ends.

Sure it’s not a composite Cobra?
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good point
I was going to suggest protecting the ends.

Definitely secure it from movement and if you can be there to unload that would be smart.

nah …
its a Island qaarsut …playboat for when I go out there to see family!

When’s your explorer coming? What colors?

not following…

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...here is a picture of the inside of a similar truck:

you mean hang it from the top with cam straps ....but I don't think there is a place on the roof for the cam straps to attach somewhere (loop through).

Oh, and I am not there to do the unloading ...but I trust the guy.

tie it to something
Looks like you should be able to tie it to the sides. Also, box in the ends with some cardboard box (just wrap the ends a few times with stiff cardboard and tape with packing tape. It’s tough to understate how vulnerable the ends can be).

I don’t know what kind of funny stuff you’re trying to pull, mister, or what kind of “kayak” that is in the truck in the picture there. I’m just glad I’m not behind you at customs…


Spring arrival, supposedly
Dealer (and other people) have told me NDK tends to run late, but it should be in the U.S. sometime this spring.

Mine will have a “melon” deck and white hull. Nothing wild. I requested that they NOT install footrails or drill holes for them.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good one.