UHMW Tape as Keel Strip?

Any one ever use ultra-high-molecular-weight tape (incredibly tough relatively thin plastic tape) as a keel guard?

As long as the adhesive held up seems like a fast and easy way to protect the hull.

Any thoughts?

Seems great where do we buy it

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doesen't seaward use this uhmw plastic as a keel strip in their high- end (but non foster) kayaks?

Where is this stuff available?

Don’t know that it would really last that long. UHMW is slippery, but soft. I’ve used it on dresser drawer guides where it works great, and on glider wing pockets, where it works ok, but neither of these applications involve rocks.


UHMW tape available though
UHMW tape available though www.mcmaster.com in widths 1/2" (76445a21)up to 6"(76445a41)

1" wide (976445a12) around $15.00 for 5-mil thick x 18yds.

They use it for edging high wear points on conveyors ect.

let us know if it sticks