Ulstein X-bow for a kayak

My experience with plumb vs extended bows accords with Barton’s preference as seen in his videos and discussion on the Epic site.

Google “Ulstein x-bow” and ponder whether a kayak with one of these bows might be even better than the plumb bow. Better behavior in rough seas and more efficient?

ask them

I would paddle, or rather fall off of one.

Ryan L.

I had no idea such a machine existed. Too narrow beam for me. I would like to try a more nominal kayak with that bow.

Gif, go over to Fast Lane and ask them
to explain this to you … Cool Stuff.

Ulstein X-Bow Link

Interesting. Can you provide a link? Thx.

Was referring to local shop on M.B.,
Where they sell Nacras and Hobies … Can check out reverse bow designs.