Ultimate 12 Propel Review

Here’s a review on the Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Propel. What do you all think of the foot pedal system versus more traditional methods?


I’ve not even sat in one with the peddle
but looking at it, it almost appears one’s feet will be nearly eye-level on the high side of the peddle rotation. That seems to me to require a bit more limberness than I would possess . . . .


That doesn’t read like…
… a review. Sure sounds like a marketing pitch to me!

re: propel
H… I tested one in fall of '08 …you get good speed for pedal efforts , paddles easily with drive unit up. i don’t think i would take one out for all day though …i personally thought the seat/leg/pedal angle was a bit too high and uncomfortable for my short legs. drive unit itself was fairly heavy. with drive unit up there is no room up front for gear. weed fouling is a problem with the prop. Price is a bit over $2000 USD. I don’t think the front spray skirt will fit a propel model. ( skirt is not high enough to clear unit and feet ? )