Ultimate Native - is this a good deal?

This lists for $775 and is all I’ve found it for online. Is $680 for a new yak a good deal? Or do you think I can drive a harder bargain at another store?

Thanks for helping a noob yakker out!

Can we have a link, noob? Thanks

err, uh…
Man you guys are needy! hehe

Here’s a quickly found link, should give you sufficient info (can’t find Ultimate’s site)


We still need more info from you! :slight_smile:
Hi Ducowti,

Indeed, we are a needy bunch when it comes to information. :slight_smile:

Before I start asking questions, however, I must say that it’s a pretty spectacular stretch to call such a boat a “kayak”. It seems that this boat is designed primarily for fishermen looking for a compact boat that can be “tricked out” with all sorts of fishing gadgets.

In any event, if you could give us some idea of what truly interests you in terms of paddling (kayak, canoe, types of water, conditions, etc.), we may actually have something to say about your original query…and beyond.


(didn’t mean to offend w.‘yak’ :slight_smile:

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So, since you asked, I'll be using indeed for sporting - mostly waterfowl hunting and some fishing calm waters (freshwater marshes off the Hudson River (NY)), lakes, small rivers.
I didn't note the use since my first post was replied with wise comments about hunting - just trying to avoid that again.

I won't be spending a lot of time in it so much as using it to haul myself, a dog maybe, and decoys and misc gear to a blind. Some hunting from it to and from blind and shore.

I've been looking and considering canoes and yaks and have been struggling w.what's best (considering my budget, too of course) for my use. I had decided on a OT Predator but have since considered the Ultimate.

As for which type boat - yak, canoe, etc - I dunno. I've been using an OT Laker 16 fiberglass canoe but I'll often be in icy water, breaking ice in varying thickness. I like the compactness and portability of this Ultimate.

Here’s the link

IMHO it really is ONE of the Ultimate fishing kayaks, there are several others of course.

The big advantage to this one is the feet are well below the hips when sitting, like in a canoe, so you don’t get that squised tailbone feeling like on other SOTs. The other advantage is you can stand up to pole, cast or …whiz.

Have you paddled an “Ultimate”?
Or will you have a chance to paddle one before you make up your mind? You would also want to inspect the boat for quality of manufacture, etc. Purchasing anything just from online pictures and manufacturer claims can be risky. Since I have no experience with that particular boat, I really can’t say if the price is decent or not. Ultimately, it comes down to what something is worth to you.

That said, it does seem that some sort of open canoe would serve your purposes better than a fully decked kayak (most “paddling fishermen/hunters” seem to prefer either SOT kayaks or open canoes for these activities). If you’re taking along a dog in addition to other gear, it seems that a canoe (or canoe-like boat like the “Ultimate”) would be better for you than a SOT kayak.

Most of my experience is with sea kayaks (I’m not fishing or hunting with them), so I think I should let the canoe/SOT/fishing/hunting experts get into the details with you. I’m sure many people here could help, but I also found these forums that you might have a look at:


Mostly fishing, but they do have a “hunting” forum as well. Perhaps you could learn something from the paddling fishermen/hunters there.

Good luck!