Ultimate Wilderness Alaska

Kayakfishing Trip of a Lifetime

Well, plans are getting finalized. Two others, JonS and MSGDan (From KFS Forums) have committed to the trip, leaving only 3 slots remaining.

I just reserved the Port Chalmers Cabin, on Montague Island, in Prince William Sound for the 21st through 25th of July. (Today as the first day possible to reserve the Cabin, it cost $35.00 a night.)



According to local guides in the area, the waters near this cabin are excellent for Halibut, Lingcod, Salmon and various Rockfish. The NOAA Charts show lots and lots of structure within a short paddle from the cabin, and because of its location on the leedward side of the island and with Green Island close by, it should be fairly protected in all but the fiercest weather.



Water Transportation has been scheduled, but has yet to be reserved ($500.00 a person is a party of 6). I will need to get this taken care of soon, as this is the only cost of the whole trip, besides Airfare and Cabin Rental, that requires pre-planning this early, to ensure it is available.

Kayaks, Wilderness Systems Ride 135’s have been reserved.

Everything else can be arranged at the last minute.

If interested, please email me at yakonthefly@gmail.com


Two slots remaining…
Going Fast


Interested but not able
Just wanted to mention that I used to correspond with JonS of KFS, and used his site a fair bit when I first started kayaking. Salt of the earth kind of guy! Should be a good trip.

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I have fished several times with Jon
Yep, salt of the earth. He speaks highly of the other two who committed too…so, should be a great trip…

You sure you couldn’t make it? ;-p


Good prices, great trip, but out of my
money league. Hope you guys have a great time. Catch a big one for me. I’ll be looking for a 100 lb alligator gar about that time.

Maybe I’ll just stop by and say hi
I should be paddling back from SE AK/Ketchican area about that time. Haven’t decided whether to arrive in Seward or Whittier though. If Seward, I’d probably just stay on the outside, but if Whittier, I’d be going right by you.

Looks like a Full Boat
If anyone is still interested, I will keep on standby list on first come first serve basis.


More openings available…
Half the group is staying for another 4 nights, thus room for three more.

If interested, contact me.