Ultra-light paddling???

I have been ultralight backpacking for about a year now,pack weight lesss than 25 pounds. Has anyone attempted to combine this with paddling and “ultra-light” their gear. SEE thru-hiker.com and hikinghq.net Any ideas on reducing weight so a whitewater kayak can camp on an extended trip?

Is this considered lightweight???
Lewis & Clark and gang had over 18 tons of gear and food when they left St. Louis.

I am retracing the entire route solo by canoe and will have 175 lbs of stuff. Much lighter than my peers.


Light boating
In the summer I travel with only a set of light weight synthetic long sleave/pant clothes, a bivy, and food that requires no cooking. Some other little things and a Tilley hat all fit in a medium sized drybag that I stuff under the seat. I have a velcro strap to secure it, but friction works well. I put the boat up on my shoulders with the bag under/over the seat and off I go. No pack, no double portage. I have a Mohawk Odyssey 14. I stick the paddles on the side of the seat and turn the boat over for a shelter.

Light is Right
Packing light is a form of reality check. I like McCrae’s post. That Lightjay guy has the right idea. Look at eveything you’re thinking of bringing and think about each item and what you would do if you didn’t have it. You’d probably decide you don’t need most of the crap you’re thinking of bringing. I’m on the Lightjay diet. One dry bag with essentials. No other packs. I would add that I didn’t notice anyone mentioning food. Bring freeze dried foods (made at home or store bought). You only need a Whisper Lite stove and one pot. Bring stuff you don’t need to cook for lunch. (e.g. Power Bars and freeze dried fruit)

All you really need to take is a poncho, 15 feet of para-cord, a blanket (or poncho liner), a water purifier, some Ramen Noodles & a knife…

That should get you to about 10 lbs & could almost wear it all while you paddle.

I will send you some, neat “shelter constuction” suggestions if you have your e-mail posted…

Paddle easy,


ultralight paddling…it all
depends on your comfort level…I imagine you could go with a boat, paddle, jocky strap, tennis shoes and dental floss and get buy…I suggest you go to some ultralight bac pac web sights for tips, there are many…I have taken to cutting lables off cloths and equip etc…there are so many ways to lighten up…examine all your gear, lay it out and see what you can change (lighten) or do w/out for starters…I started w/my kitchen, just by switching stove, pots and eating equip. I saved approx 4 lbs…there is a whole lota new gear out now for ultralight and fastpacking folks that would help anyone thats camps or boats lighten up…

I camp out
of a 9 ft. Rec. boat. Heaviest I’ve had my gear is about 40 lbs. w/ extra water for a weekend trip. Ofcourse that is up here and in coder climates. temps were in the 60’ s and lower at night. I imagine for a summer trip could reduce weight cosiderably.