ultra-light waterproof pant, drip guards

So I usually get a lot of water drips on my legs while canoe’ing since I use a kayak paddle most of the time.

I’m planning on doing a lot of winter canoeing this winter and would like not to have my legs freeze. So I’m looking for some pants that are pretty much nothing but water shields for my legs. And they don’t have be 100% waterproof, but might as well be. Just whatever would be enough to keep my legs dry and add a small bit of wind protection. I’m hoping to spend under $30.

All that I have heard of are Frog Togs and just cheap Wal-mart pants. But anything else out there. What does everyone else use or would use in a situation like mine?

Also, I just ordered a new paddle (Mohawk DBCP 108") and I’m not sure if it will come with drip guards. Even if it does, I would like to check into some drip guards for my other kayak paddle, and possible upgrades for my new paddle.




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Similar to frogg toggs (?duravent) are DriDucks (~$25; 100% provent) at www.gossamergear.com or DropStoppers (~$15; 100% polyolefin) at www.backpackinglight.com.

Pants only for around $15-20?
While $15 for pants and a jacket isn’t bad. I already have plenty of waterproof jackets (but that would be this light), but I wouldn’t mind just having some more durable pants for canoeing? I really only need them for the winter time since normally getting my legs wet doesn’t matter.

But it might be nice to have a good cheap light rain suit.

Thanks for your info! I really appreciate it.



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These are prices for hooded jacket and pants. The fabric is not nylon but microporous polypropylene similar to frogg toggs. They are not nearly as durable as nylon, but are waterproof and breathe better than goretex or the like. For cheap nylon rain pants you might also consider Red Ledge thunderlight pants at Campmor ($29.99).

North Face Hyvent pants
I was going through some boxes and found these pants! I feell bad for having them packed away. I’m pretty sure they are mine, but I thought I had bibs instead. These pants are ‘shell’ like that they have an outside layer, and then a mesh inner lining. So not insulated, but I went to the lake today to test them out and they did fine with just some base layer pants on underneath them. It was about 40F this morning. So I think these will work fine. I think I will go ahead and get one of these rain suits for warmer weather.

Thanks for the input and advice!


Picky-picky from another soloist…
…they’re “double paddles”, not “kayak paddles”. We have to be careful-kayakers are arrogant enough. By the way, I use a 108 with my Vagabond, and with plain rubber driprings have almost no problems. I also read once on this board about gluing short pieces of string to the lowest part of your blades. Allegedly, this diverts the water off before it reaches the rings, but I haven’t tried it.