Ultra marathon canoe racing faq

Holly Orr is a well known and respected world class paddler, she has her own canoe/kayak rental and instructional business in Martindale Texas.
I have taken a few classes with Holly, well worth the money, rented from her, great service, and gotten shuttles with her, she was always on time.
Holly is reliable and one heck of a nice lady .

A pretty good fairly comprehensive coverage on most topics. Geared to the TWS. I note what is missing from my perspective is navigation. I do not know the TWS route, but as bowman, when I race the Yukon, I spend much time pre-planning and studying the precise navigation route. Miss a current split around an island and you may end up going miles further than necessary.

Regarding sleeping. At least in a C4 or C6+ canoe, I have found muyself virually sleeping while still paddling effectively during the middle of the night and wee morning hours. Learn to rest your muscles during the recovery portion of stroke.