ultralite chair?

I have read the searches. I would appreciate any more feedback or ideas. I want a chair to take when my 5# aluninum bag chair is too much. It needs to have a backrest and be off the ground and as lite and compact as possible-not asking much am I? Oh well!


I tried the Roll a Chair
at Campmor in the store. Its not bad for a triangular seat with a backrest that hits you correctly.


Cuts the weight of your present chair in half.

Kermit chair
Kermit chair works for me. Expensive, but sturdier than most folding chairs. Compact when folded, fits easily in hatches.


Turtle is canoeing and portaging

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While I have a Kermit Chair too and it is very comfy and does pack up very small(4x6x22) and can be strapped to the side of a portage pack, its five plus pounds is noticeable.

Its not lighter than what he has. I use my Kermit for kayaking trips or canoe trips without portages but never for Adirondack or Canada portage canoe trips. For those I have to think like a backpacker.

I have found that the Kermit Chair is less likely to sink into the ground if you use the leg extenders.

I noticed the OP’s weight issue just after I posted. The Kermit chair weighs 5.3 lbs. per their website. Still the best chair for my bones.

Theses are pretty comfy chairs.

I agree, these are very comfortable chairs. There’s a trick to getting in and out of them but once you know it you’re set. Put your feet up on a log and it’s like being on the couch at home! Almost.

Legs sink in ground
I don’t like chairs that have legs that sink in soft ground. I have had good luck with the cloth chairs that you fold your therm a rest pad into. They are not high off ground and so that might be an issue for some. But for my money they work pretty well. Very light and small assuming you are carrying a therm a rest anyway.

nature’s ultra-light chair

That’s no fun!
You mean we don’t have to spend money and carry another gizmo? What fun is that?

Looking for the same chair and found
this one on ebay;


Seller said one w/o back was 2.2# (just stool & pouch) so with back should come in about 3#, and legs should not sink into soft ground to easily. Want it for portaging/packing also, seems durable and simple, and not too $$$ at ~$34. I will prob go with this one unless better one pops up soon. R