Umbagog Lake Camping (NH/ME)

I really wanted to get out to do some camping this spring but nothing was coming together. Rather than wait I decided to book some sites on Umbagog Lake and see who was interested. Most of the usual camping crew was busy, but a couple of friends signed on.

The lake itself is beautiful - little development and views of the mountains no mater which way you look. It’s big enough to justify moving around, but most people paddle out and base camp. Campsites are isolated and nicely maintained, but it is a NH state park so you do have to register and pay a fee. Still, It feels like the wilderness even if it is not particularly remote.

We spent 3 nights at different sites and got a lot of practice paddling loaded boats in the wind. Saw eagles, a moose and lots of loons. You can read the trip report or see the pictures here:

Trip Report




that was wonderful, thank you! We love that lake.