Umbagog Lake NH best remote sites

I’ve been to Umbagog Lake in New Hampshire twice now, both times at remote site 34. I have a reservation in September for remote site 30 in Black Island Cove, but haven’t been there before. I love the lake but looking to book some different sites for next next year. Does anyone have favorite remote sites there, or even pics of the remote sites so I can make a more informed decision on what to book?

its been too long since I camped there but IIRC it was near the Rapid River. The south end is too close to marinas for peace and quiet… We do day trip there now and launch off rt16 at the boat launch Steamer Diamond… Sorry I don’t pay much attention to which campsite is best for what.

Its a horrid busy year.

Been to Umbagog many times. Sunday cove is nice as is the site at the opening of Sunday cove, North side. We no longer camp at any of the Umbagog sites. We have found another site on the Rapid river that suits us better.

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The fastest way to make them less remote and more popular is to discuss them on the internet. If you want knowledge about specific sites, go visit them in person the next time you are there.

I have not visited this lake, but the concept is still important.

Umbagog is a heavily used recreational powerboating lake in a very nice mountain setting. Its not a secret. Have you been there to offer first hand expertise?

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To be clear for people unfamiliar with Umbagog lake, the “remote” sites are numbered and managed by the state run campground. There’s no wilderness camping allowed there.

Not looking to blow up anyone’s secret haven here, just nice to know if anyone likes certain numbered remote campsites.

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14,16, 27, 28, 29 are sites I have stayed that I liked. Have stayed at others but did not like sites and positioning of them.

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You can’t go wrong with any of them. I was just there – stayed at Site 9 on Big Island

Steak for dinner - site R9 on Big Island

Site 15 at Sunday Cove near the mouth of the Rapid River

Settling in around the fire

My favorite was site 28 at the mouth of the Magalloway River

Chef Bill cooks dinner

We also had lunch at Molls Rock – amazing view and great site for swimming.

Molls Rock

A lot of them have tent platforms it you like those.