Umbagog Lake NH, camping trip

hi there,

i’m heading up to lake umbagog (near errol nh) in a couple of weeks for a kayak overnight and was wondering if there was anyone on this board who has been there who could offer some tips about the lake, campsites, where to find moose, all that good stuff. i hear it’s a great place to paddle and can’t wait to go.



Ok. where to begin
The northern end of the lake where the Magalloway river drops in and the Androscoggin goes out is the best area for wildlife viewing. The area around the Rapid River is pretty nice. The campsites along the western shore are some of the best in the state. You should be just in time for some fall foliage. I am wicked jealous.

I took a few picks the last time I was there.

Where was the moose?
Thanks for the pics. Where did you see the moose? My wife has yet to see a moose in the flesh so I’d love to catch one while out there. Can’t wait for this trip!

I have run into moose in different
parts of the lake. The moose in the picture was on the western shore just off a raod leading to one of the few houses. I have seen them on the shores of the Magalloway and the Androscoggin and always see them on the highway (route 26)heading to the campground at the southern end of the lake.

If you are driving up at night you may encounter them on route 16 north of Berlin along the section of road known as the 13 mile woods and in many places where the highway paralells the river. I have had many a white knuckle drive as I negotiate through the wandering moose in the middle of the night along that road. Cant really see them until you are way too close to do anything about it except slam on the brakes and pray. I have been extremely fortunate on several ocassions to only experience very very close calls and not have a moose come through my windshield. Lots of people are not so fortunate.

Umbagog paddling
Spent Labor Day weekend there. It is certainly one of the best sweet water paddling areas in the NE. We did 2 day trips from the Errol put in. One up the Magalloway to Struvedent Pond and back (20+ miles). And one to the Rapid River across Umbagog Lake (14+ miles).

Northern Water Outfitters has great camping spots on the northern (Maine) part of the lake and by the mouth of the Rapid River (603.447.2177). You can also stay at a Yurt operated by Phillips Brook that is very close to the Errol launch. We stayed there and had a good time.

If you drive up RT 16 at dusk you WILL see moose.

re: Moose on the loose…
Hi Scottb,

Yes, you have to get used to watching for them, particularly as their hair doesn’t reflect much light from headlights at all, although I have to admit, I haven’t tried halogen lights yet??? Many times there will be some lighter shade of short brown or even white-ish hair on their lower legs…just above their hooves…and that’ll be it.

Yup in the spring they seem to light up
a bit more.

This shot was from a trip I took in the spring. The moose was shedding its thick winter covering.

This shot was from yesterday. This little guy is quite a bit darker.