Unaaq and Norsaq help

Hi all.

Currently I have been making Greenland paddles for a few months and have made many paddles and a rolling stick as part of a set for myself. I am currently looking and planning my first SOF kayak build as well. In short I am hooked on Greenland kayaking…however I’m far from a pro.

After making the rolling stick I started thinking of making a Unaaq and proper norsaq. I have been looking around google and have not found much on lenght,diameters, etc as well as construction info.

If someone can help me it would be great. Either online here or through email.

I have never actually seen one of these in real life, so any help would be great.

A very dedicated paddler


Dark arts…
…Qajaq USA Greenland forums.

atlatl links


thanks guys
for the links.I think once im able to sit down with some graph paper and piece together the info it will go quick.

It’s really bad now that geocities is gone, as there are sooooo many dead links on this topic.

thanks again!