Unable to place Classified Ad

I’ve been trying to post a classified ad for several days – seems impossible! I do all the steps, but when I click on the Publish button, nothing ever gets published! I try a half dozen times, wait a few hours, and then I try another few times, over and over! I have a “new” never-used Stellar 15LV low-volume lightweight kayak to sell. In the past, this has been the best place for selling a high-quality used kayak, but the website seems to be broken?

Are you signed in when you try to compose the ad?

Thanks, Rookie!
Yes, each time I was signed in. And, just to be certain, I tried again, just now!

But, then, finally I discovered THE PROBLEM !!!
There’s a box to be filled in, labeled PRICE. Each time I had typed $2900, or $2,900, or 2900.00, or other variations. Finally, I typed in 2900 And that worked!
The form was rejected each time because I included a $ or a period, apparently!


Great that you resolved it.