Uncommon Adventures

Any paddlers here who have attended a kayaking retreat at Uncommon Adventures (Benzonia, MI)? Michael Gray is the owner; Bonnie Perry listed as an instructor.

If so, am curious about your experience. Trying to decide whether to book a weekend or head over on a few Saturdays for lessons, as they’re less than a two hour drive away.

no specific experience but
a long time ago I had a class with Bonnie Perry as an instructor, and she was outstanding.

Michael Grey
I have known Michael for many years. He is the author of “Hey I’d Eat This at Home!” which is an outstanding book on camp cooking with a dutch oven and other means.

He is a consummate paddler, and you just can’t go wrong booking a tour through him and I would imagine a retreat with the two of them would be just outstanding.


I Know
both of them…You would thoroughly enjoy it. And Michael has been cooking for Michigan Training camp since it began…people tend to eat very well when Michael is involved. Bonnie is an excellent instructor and can instruct equally well with either a Euro paddle or a Greenland one.

This would be a very worthwhile event to attend.

Best Wishes


Sounds like a good weekend…
I have taken lessons from both and you will be well rewarded with time spent with either instructor.

Thanks, all
Appreciate your recommendations and assurances. There sure are lots of options to select from the Uncommon Adventures menu of classes and trips.

I’ll most likely attend a couple of coastal kayaking courses in June, then the four-day Sleeping Bear trip in July or August. Lots of paddling on Lake Michigan, staying at Michael’s home on the Betsie River, and enjoying his cooking sounds like a lovely way to spend a long weekend.

Uncommon adventures
No, but I have been on many uncommon adventures on the water, most of them in fact involving moving water.

Well, you must have done a great job taking them in stride since you’re still paddling.

Your comment made me think of that saying: “It’s all about the journey and not the destination.”