Uncovered the boat today ...

… Cleaned her up real nice last fall, wrapped her up with all my gear inside.

I want to get on the water, but alas, no dry suit, and no funds for one now. Oh well … Still got a little tweaking to do on the seat (lowered it last fall, but have some new longer screws and an idea I want to try…).

Dry suit?
It is May now! The Daytime temps are in the 80’s and the water is near 70. Come on down!

and found the mice had moved in
and ate some of the seat.

Never mind. Off in drysuit tomorrow. The water is warming fast on freshwater lakes. The ice has been off for eight days and the temp is already 42 in the water.

50 - 55 degres down here …
I’m thinking a few weeks I can play around on the local ponds; 4 weeks for Narragansett bay. Had to put some money in to a few other things this spring, so i"m saving my pennies for a Kokatat in the fall.

I’m jealous!
Been down to FL a few times in the last few months on business. My wife and I have always responded with an immediate “no way!” when people talk about FL and retirement. On these last few trips down, I found myself thinking hmmm … Shared this sentiment with the wife when we were there together last week, and she did the old hmmmmm thing as well.

Just turned 50. Funny how that works …

A month ago
I cleaned my magic up and made it ready. Snowed the next day and all the rivers were at flood stage. ;(