Under deck bag?

I’ve searched the message board to find too many results that did not apply. I’d like to rig an under deck bag in a high volume kayak I have. I was thinking at first about a series of bungees that would support my water bottle, but I’d like to know what others have done. I am familiar with rivets, padeyes, and shock cord.

North Water makes a kit that you could model after, or just buy:

They also have one that goes along the side of the seat:

Pefect timing as today was my first paddle with a North Water underdeck bag. Some time ago, at another site, there was an opportunity to purchase a shorter version of the standard NW underdeck bag, so I opted for that instead of the standard length which might be a challenge for me to reach stuff at the far end of the bag in my low volume kayak.

I didn’t like the mounting system that came with it, so Marshall Seddon of The River Connection helped me out by suggesting I use Tri-Way Lashmate Minis. He carries them so that’s where I got them (thanks, Marshall!)

I put my kayak hull up on sawhorses so I could see into the cockpit (wearing a headlamp) to install the Lashmates. 3-M, which makes the adhesive, advises to rough up the surface using a circular motion with a 3-M Scotch Brite pad, which was handy as I regularly use those pads. Wiped it down with alcohol, let it dry, then attached the Lashmates. The adhesive needs a 24 hour cure time, so I didn’t install the bag until today. I used GearTies, reusable rubber twist ties, to attach the bag to the Lashmates. Worked out great.

The bag is perfect and easy to access. My bilge pump fits between the top of the bag and the underdeck; it’s longer than the bag so the end of it plops forward, but it’s super to get that off my aft deck.

In the summer I normally use a hydration pack with the tube attached to my PFD strap, but I just checked and my water bottle fits nicely in the North Water bag, so that’s handy to know.

North Water makes a great product.

I’ve had three North Water bags and installed the enclosed pads with epoxy. No problems ever… Love 'em

Another vote for North Water. I bought extra mounting pads and put them in all of my boats so I can swap the bag into whichever I’m paddling. Been entirely happy with them for years.

Thank you! Seaddict, where did you find the extra mounting pads?

You can order them from NW…

Grayhawk - I didn’t think North Water sold direct, rather than thru a dealer. I can’t remember exactly where I got mine. Rutabaga? Top Kayaker? Not sure. If you Google around enough you’ll find them. Or order thru a North Water dealer.

This ever get in the way of a wet exit?

Properly mounted, nope. I don’t even notice it.