Under deck bags

I’m about to buy an under deck bag for my VHF and misc stuff. Seems that only two are commonly available: North Waters and one from the Kayak Fit website (got there via Wes Boyd’s site).

Does anyone have experience with the Kayak Fit bag? It has a nice feature in that it releases and slides into your lap for access. A bit pricey at $56.00. Otherwise I will probably go for a NW at $40.00.


I found the NW bag (nice, but a little small) but couldn’t find the Kayak Fit bag. Can you provide a link?

Link here - I have the other

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Click link to products, scroll down. Note that the install uses "screws", and that that it slides on web straps. For it to move forward would mean ether the rear corners are not secure or there is slack webbing.I'm sure it's nice but I see no option to attach to a composite boat without holes.

I have the Northwater and love it. I can reach to the back of it just fine. It stays put and out of the way (rides beteween shins).

Simpler, cheaper, and my recommendation. It's held in place at all 4 corners. Nothing loose or moving - no staps to catch. Easy too snap out and carry ashore. Round PVC patches for the buckles (4) glue in with Vynabond or similar (I used E6000). Measure twice! Too far apart and the bags harder to snap in - to close together and the bag hangs low. I keep my pump tucked above mine, too.

Size is big enough to fit a full 70 oz camelback bladder (and nothing else), but not the whole camelback (not that I'd want too - just a size comparison). Big enough to hold 2 extra 24 oz water bottles, VHF, Cell, my running lights (3), and lunch with room left over. How much room do you neeed???? More stuff than that? Put it behind the seat or use the hatches!

Kayak Fit
The screw issue is one reason I was hoping to get some feedback from an actual user. I was curious about the popssible looseness, maybe even swaying in the system.

Sounds like NW gets my bucks.



If you do…
…get the Northwater, you’ll open it up and think: “I spent $40 bucks for this?!”

It is a deceptively simple item.

After you’ve used it a few times - I think you’ll find it was worth it. Still ranks on my top 5 list of gear picks. Taken for granted after the first use, and used every paddle since.

Agree on price
I considered cobbling one up myself, but by the time I would spend $20 on D-ring patches, $10 on fabric, zipper and buckles it just seems to make more sense to buy.


Wish that was $40 Canadian!

Under Deck Bags
The “Mini Underdeck Bag” shown in the Kayak Fit link looks virtually identical to a (recently discontinued) underdeck bag that was sold through the Voyageur product line.

The bag is a real “sleeper”. It did not look very interesting hanging on a rack…but when one of the sales folks took it down to show me, I could immediately see the possibilities. That little Voyegeur bag has been one of the most used yak acessories that I own. I am always able to carry a first aid kit, leatherman tool, space blanket, camera, and best of all…munchies. After seeing my bag, many of my friends purchased the bags and depleted my local dealer’s stock.

I’m going to pass on the Kayak Fit website to my dealer to se if he can buy them for local stock in Dallas.


I think I have the same Voyageur bag…
as mikepaddle. It’s a discontinued model that looks identical to the one on kayakfit.com. I have to say I love mine. I’ve used to store everything from lunch to emergency supplies.

I know some people have an issue with underdeck bags and getting trapped in them. I won’t say it can’t be an issue, but I’ve never gotten caught in mine in three years. For what it’s worth mine is mounted in a Looksha IV by Necky.


Thanks to all
for the input. I guess I will order a North Water.