Under deck foam mount for hand pump...

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Does anyone have any pics of this setup? I read some old threads like this one and can't find any pics anywhere on the internet (mostly referring to what Bryan Nystrom and wetzool are discussing):



Back when I started paddling
there were people who designed their own attach points for both hand and foot pumps. I didn’t see any commercial mounts and haven’t looked for them since I have solutions that work ok for me.

That said, the things I want in a future boat include an automatic bilge pump and an interior mounted hand pump. The caveat is that anything mounted in the hull must be well placed so that it doesn’t impair entry/exit to the boat. Most of the setups I’ve seen fail in this area to some degree.

I have considered mounting a hand pump externally (since I already carry my hand pump that way), but I don’t like drilling through a hull, even above the waterline, to run the connecting hose/tube to the low point of the hull. Seems like it could be done well, but not without reducing the volume the pump could draw (the connecting hose would probably be smaller than the base of most hand pumps).


I haven’t posted those instructions…
…on my website yet. It’s not difficult to make Minicel blocks to hold a pump. IIRC, the trapezoidal shape I used was 5" at the base, 3" tall and 3" wide at the top. I made the pump hole with a hole saw that was slightly smaller in diameter than the pump (1 1/4"?). Once the hole is drilled, cut a tapered opening ~1" wide for inserting the pump.

The process is really simple and I used to crank these out by the dozens for outfitting classes.

under deck bag
I have a Northwater under deck bag. I am a small person so this very convenient bag is not in my way at all. There is even space above the bag, yet under the deck for a pump. However, the pump is poorly secured there and can wander around, even dislodge and fall between my feet - not good. So I secure my pump on the deck. But this thread suggests an alternative solution … add appropriately shaped minicell foam to hold that pump nicely above the under deck bag. Thanks … I hope.

Under deck back
I’ll second the under deck bag. Pump stores easily (although loosely) above bag/below deck and can move around but no biggie. Lots of room for phone, glasses, protein bars, extra flares, etc.

Under Deck Foam Mount
Are there any pictures/instructions in terms of how to make/mount the deck foam pump mount