Under Deck Mounting Gear Advice

I would like to add underdeck mounting for gear (bilge pump, Gatorade, etc.) and wondering if anyone has ideas, links, or webshots. Is the tendancy for the bungees to weaken and slacken under the gravity of whatever is mounted there? Is it better to use an underdeck bag… I know they sell them, but don’t know if that is actually better or simpler than something I could make on my own. Is a piece of fabric like a mini-hammock better than shock cords? Will the gear get in the way when I enter the boat (boat model dependant, I know). Just wanted to see if any of you have suggestions-- or especially links or pictures. Thanks.

(If there’s an archived link about this, please list too).

I’m installing a hand pump…
under my foredeck as I didn’t end up with enough room to stash it behind the cheek plates on a stripper I built.

I’m using two spans of 1/4" bungie run perpendicular to the keel. They will be spaced to support the 18" pump shaft. Homemade padeyes will secure the bungie straps.

My boat is pretty tight for me so placement was important. Get in your boat and place your pump where it looks like it might fit okay. Affix it temporarily with duct tape. Now get in and out a few times to check for clearance.

I don’t care for nets under the deck if its rescue equipment you’re securing there. They can snag things upon retrieval. The bungie is simple and holds up well as there is not much strain upon it.

If you’re deck is high enough, you might enjoy one of those under deck bags. My boats don’t have the room for such an accessory.

Some folks make minicell mounts for under deck pump storage. I tried that but decided the bungie would be a cleaner fitment for my application.

Also consider a knee tube. Easy to fashion with synthetic pipe from the hardware store. Great for maps and such.

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what kind of kayak?
I’ve tried a few different things, my Mariner Express came with a sheet of stiff plastic sprung under the deck and held at the sides by the bungie that went through the deck. It worked well then I removed it and laced up bungies.

Laced up bungies has some draw backs for pumps because it’s kind of awkward getting it through the bungies beyond where you can reach but it does hold thepump in well.

I think a shallow rectangular mesh bags with a 1/8" bungiedraw string closure and secured through a stiff plastic backing work well.

I’m not a fan of totally enclosing things in wet heavy cloth. With a mesh bag you can stow items that you might want to put on/take off your pfd. And it’ll drain out and air dry everytime you leave the kayak. One mesh bag I got was a add-on pack bag from EMS,haven’t seen one since I bought it, it’s been the best thing so far. I put a vhf radio in it and forgot about it for a week,my nephew got maytagged to the beach a few times. Brought it home,took it to the docks and locked it up then the next day took it out and there was my vhf, high and dry and functioning.

One of my WW boats…
…an old Prijon rockit has bungee cord in an

X pattern under the front deck. I’ve had the

boat since 99(?) with no problems.

Go to Nimbus kayaks…
and check out their “Map tray”. I had one on an earlier kayak that I owned about 4 or 5 years ago and liked it a lot. I ordered one for the boat that I’m building now. However, they sent this ugly purple color so if you order one you might ask in advance what color it is.



Has anyone tried?

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Glued two parallel strips of "loop" velcro to the underside of the deck then have two strips of "hook" velcro go over the pump then hook and loop themselves together on either side of the pump to the strips which are glued to the underside of the deck. If so was it succesful?

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Wow, nice pictures. I added your Webshot
pages to my Favorites so i can refer to them when I am doing my rebuilds, Brian.

North Water Under Deck Bags

Northwater Solution
I use the Northwater Underdeck Bag and really like it. I mounted it with sufficent space to stuff rolled up charts between the bag and the hull. It’s removable so you can clean it when you need to. Once upon a time, I think Bnystrom (or someone who frequently contributes to this board) had some photos of this type of installation which I referenced while putting mine in. Works great, and I haven’t seen a better solution (for me) yet and Northwater’s quality is good.

It’s possible to buy just the mounting pads and be able to switch the bag between boats. I have two bags and three boats and switch a bag to the boat I want to use.

It’s like having a glove compartment in your boat…

nice Ideas
I assume they’re open for theft?

I really like the hatch stays… way better than anythink I’ve seen from the factory.

Steal away!
I posted it on the web specifically so people could copy it if they like.