under hood tie downs

Does anyone have a link to those nylon webbing straps that attach under the hood as a tie down point ? I remember they were discussed here a while back but I can’t find the thread. It turns out that unlike my 2007 Forester that has a great tie down point under the front-end, my wife’s 2012 Outback does not.

Hood Loops
Just Google hood loops kayak and you will find plenty of hits. Yakima, Thule and many other companies offer commercial products.

You can also DIY with two pieces of 1/4" nylon rope. Thread one piece of rope through a hole in the fender, immediately near the hood edge, and secure with a good knot to make a loop (one on each side of the hood). Just be sure that there is nothing dangling where a belt or other moving engine part can snare it.

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Here You Go:
Here’s some from Austin Canoe & Kayak. I’ve bought things mail order from them and had good luck.


I make my own with nyoln straps. Heat a nail and make your holes. Get a couple small bolts and washers and voila!


Sherpak hood loops
I use the Sherpak brand hood loops and quick loops in the hatchback, my local rack shop had them and a brand with a logo for for twice the price, no obvious difference aside from color. Both are available from your local roof rack shop or online.

On the front of the '12 Outback there should be a little square on the passenger side front bumper. Pop that out and thread the metal tow hook that comes with the car into the hole. Bam… Instant tie down point!

Ironically there is a picture of a '12 Outback with this done… http://www.cars101.com/subaru/outback/outback11towhook1.JPG

Joanne’s and a little stitching
We are mostly using thinner gauge climbing line right now, but the strap material you need is dirt cheap from places like Joanne’s or craft stores. Just stitch the ends together.

make your own out of climbing webbing
All you need is a couple feet of climbing webbing, a propane torch or even just a lighter, a nail, and a wrench.

Open your hood and look for a fender mounting bolt near the side of the opening - should be easy to find one on each side. Now measure your webbing and cut it such that, when doubled into a loop, it will reach from maybe an inch beyond the bolt and extend up through the gap between the closed hood and the fender. Gently melt the cut ends so they don’t fray. Then get a nail that is similar in size to the threaded part of the fender bolt. Heat the nail good and hot, and melt a hole through both ends of the webbing about a half inch from each end. Remove the fender bolt, push it through both holes, and re-install it. Do the same on the other side. When you need the tie downs, just open the hood and extend them so they stick out when the hood is closed.

I’ve done this on four different cars, and on all but one I was able to use the factory bolts. On the fourth, I had to go to AutoZone and buy longer bolts.

i tie a nylon rope under the hood under the wipers and leave the loop out

drove a hundred miles today with very strong winds all was fine

Here’s an article

ors racks has them
yakima or thule either ones … there reasonably priced and work well on my hun. santa fe

got some

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I've got a brand new package of NRS under the hood straps I never used. I bought two sets, and only used one. I'd sell them for cheap if your interested? let me know, and I'll double check the brand and get a photo and a price to you if your interested.


OK article
but don’t mess up a Swiss army knife (or any other tool) to make holes in webbing - use a 16 penny nail held in pliers or a vise grip.

And if using a tow hook, the little plastic piece in the bumper will eventually break and fall off if you leave it dangling as shown in the photo above. They generally can be removed by judicious fiddling and can be replaced in the same way.

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